Kasumigaseki Country Club

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The Club Life

The Club Life

A day at the golf club

As the morning preparations are done to open the course, the sound of the white balls echo in the silence of the Musashino plains, and the day’s play begins.

Kasumi members play fast. Although a well-trained caddy accompanies the players, the player must smooth the bunker and repair the divot marks.

Those who teed off by 8:30 can finish a full round without taking a break.

Photo by Koji Aoki/AFLO

In the club house, the spacious dining room (completed in 1992), offers a panoramic view of both the East and West Courses during lunch break.

After the 45-minute lunch break, it is back to the second half of the game. Some enthusiasts may play a round and a half a day.

And when the shadow of the huge Japanese red pine trees which separate the holes gradually begin to lengthen, they will complete their play and enjoy a relaxing hot bath.

The 19th Hole

Photo by Koji Aoki/AFLO

Spirits are lifted higher as they socialize after the game.

Choices are made from a wide variety of dishes on the menu along with their favorite drinks.

Photo by Koji Aoki/AFLO

With each seasonal difference, one can never be bored at the panoramic view of the fairways as the sun sets in.

It is a blissful time at the homely club house where one mingles with friends old and new.

Photo by Koji Aoki/AFLO