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The Club Guide

KCC Dress Code

Acceptable Attire

Golf attire is part and parcel of the tradition and culture of the Kasumigaseki Country Club, and all players are expected to dress appropriately for when arriving, during play, and in the clubhouse. Dressing to reflect the club’s values and heritage means taking care not only with colours, patterns, and designs but also in the way you wear your outfit. For details, please refer to the dress code below.
These rules are intended for guest players as well as KCC members. We ask that all players properly understand them before arrival. Any player whose attire does not comply with these rules may be asked to change, and this may be unpleasant, especially for guests visiting us for the first time. Please ensure that your entire group adheres to the rules so that you may fully enjoy the day’s play.


■ A blazer or jacket is required at the time of arrival; however, this is optional between June 15 and September 15. Blousons and jumpers are not allowed.

Trousers and Skirts

■ Shorts are not allowed at the time of arrival. Shorts may be worn during play, provided they are paired with knee-high socks. Shorts should not be layered with athletic innerwear. Shorts should end above the knee; anything too long or too short is not allowed.

■ Miniskirts, hot pants, tights, and leggings are not allowed for women. Golf skirts and culottes should be no shorter than 5 centimeters above the knee.

■ Cargo pants (with large pockets) and jeans are not allowed; neither are loud colours, camouflage patterns, or conspicuous designs and decorations.


■ Either collared and sleeved shirts or turtleneck shirts are required. Sleeveless styles are acceptable for women.

■ T-shirts, sweatshirts, mock turtlenecks (with a collar height of less than 4 cm), and standing collars are not allowed; neither are tank tops or camisoles for women. Shirts may be worn with the collar up during play, but the collar should be turned down in the clubhouse.

■ Short-sleeved shirts should not be layered with visible long-sleeved underwear (including those made of high-tech materials) or worn with arm warmers that resemble long-sleeved underwear. If sleeves are desired, please opt for a long-sleeved shirt.

■ Shirts should be tucked in at all times. Overblouse styles are acceptable for women; however, cropped lengths that show the midriff are not allowed.

Footwear and Golf Shoes

■ Sneakers, sandals, mules, slippers and golf shoes are not allowed at the time of arrival. Metal spikes are not allowed anywhere on the grounds including the course, practice facilities, and clubhouse.

Golf Wear Etiquette

■ Hats and garments designed to protect against the cold, wind, and rain (rainwear, blousons, windbreakers, down vests, and quilted vests) should be removed in the dining room.

■ In the heat of the summer players are asked to have the courtesy to change their shirt and trousers before entering the dining room, to prevent leaving a damp seat for the next guest.

■ Towels should not be hung over the neck, shoulders, or the waistband of the trousers.

July 2016

Etiquette and Fellowship Committee
Kasumigaseki Country Club