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Kasumigaseki Dress Code

Clothing is an integral part of the tradition and culture of our club, and we require that you wear clothes that conform to the atmosphere of our club when you visit, play, and use the clubhouse. Therefore, please consider the color, pattern, design, and such of your attire so that it is acceptable to the traditional standards of our club. Please comply to the dress code mentioned below. Please note that these rules apply to members as well as all guests who come to the club. Members and guests wearing unacceptable clothing may be asked to adjust their attire which may cause great discomfort to the guest. We therefore request that members and guests familiarize themselves with these rules inorder to enjoy a pleasant round.


■ Please wear a jacket (blazer jacket) when arriving at the clubhouse entrance. (However, jackets are optional between June 15th to September 15th.) Blousons and jumpers are not permitted.

Pants & Skirts

■ Members and guests are not allowed to arrive in shorts. Also, knee socks are required if wearing shorts while playing. From 2023, short socks that cover the ankles are now permitted when wearing shorts. Wearing sports underwear in layers with your shorts are not permitted. In addition, the length of the shorts must be above the knees. Those that are too long or too short are not allowed.

■ Women’s miniskirts, hot pants, spats, leggings, etc. are not allowed. Golf skirts and culottes must be within 5 cm above the knees.

■ Cargo pants (with bulging pockets), denim, jeans, etc., as well as extremely colorful clothing, camouflage patterns, and decorations that are overly conspicuous are not permitted.


■ Please wear a shirt with sleeves and a folded collar, or a turtleneck. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable for women.

■ T-shirts, sweatshirts, high-necked shirts (with a collar of 4 cm or less), and stand-up collars are unacceptable. For women, tank tops, camisoles, or overly revealing attire are not allowed. If you raise the back of your shirt collar during your play, please fold it down in the clubhouse.

■ Wearing long-sleeved underwear (including those made of high-tech materials) under your short-sleeved golf shirt is prohibited. Please simply wear a long-sleeved shirt if necessary. Arm covers are allowed only during play but are not allowed in the clubhouse.

■ Please tuck your shirt tails into your pants. For women, shirt tails which are made to be worn above the pants or skirt is allowed. However, overly short shirts that expose the abdomen are not allowed. facility

Footwear/golf shoes

■ Sneakers, sandals, mules, slippers and golf shoes are not permitted upon arrival.
Metal spike shoes are prohibited on the course, practice field, club house, and throughout the entire facility.

Dress etiquette

■ In the dining room, please remove your hat, and other attire used in the winter such as a down jacket, rainwear, jumper jacket, windbreaker, and down vest.

■ During the hot summer, heavy sweating may cause discomfort in the dining room. Changing into a fresh golf shirt and pants before seating could be a pleasant consideration for others.

■ Do not hang towels around the neck, shoulders, or belt at any time.

August 2023

Etiquette Fellowship Committee