Kasumigaseki Country Club

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Sense of Community

Job experience by junior high school students

Sense of Community

Job experience by junior high school students

Providing Venues for Golf Tournaments and Other Sports Competitions

Kawagoe City Golf Tournament

In cooperation with health education, physical education, and other cultural projects sponsored by the local government Board of Education and sports associations, the club has offered the course to be used by the public to enhance the expansion of the golf population and other sports promotion projects.

Specifically, the facility is used as a venue for the Japan Junior Championship, the National Health and Welfare Festival (Nenrinpic), the Prefectural Citizens’ Athletic Tournament, the Inter-Municipal Golf Championship, and citizens’ golf tournaments for the general golfers of Kawagoe, Sayama, Hidaka, and Tsurugashima, along with workshops organized by the Saitama Golf Association for the registered players.

Opening the Facilities for Various Recreational Activities

The course manages a vast area of around 1,353,000㎡ with more than 10,000 trees and strives to protect the environment and its greenery in harmony with the surroundings.

Taking advantage of the natural setting, on the days that the course is closed, the facility is offered as a place for children in the neighboring kindergartens, nursery schools, children’s homes, and other institutions caring for children with special educational needs and disabilities, to cultivate their aesthetic sentiment and enjoy other recreational activities.

The club also accepts students from local junior high schools for internship activities.