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Welcome to Kasumi

Welcome to Kasumi

When and where did golf begin?

By the time Shakespeare was born in 1564, golf was already thriving, and he was a skilled single-digit handicap player.

If you have a sense of familiarity with him, you must be a golf enthusiast.

People who were fascinated by golf founded the Wgaseki Country Club as the place to spend their most precious time.

It is at this beautiful golf setting that everlasting friends have gathered over the years.

Club life at Kasumigaseki Country Club, or called affectionately by its members as Kasumi, has its origins in the fact that its members and friends have continued to observe the rules of the club.

Kasumi hopes to continue evolving by asking what golf is and what a country club is.

※)Origin of the name of the club
During the Heian Period some 900 years ago, there was a checkpoint on the top of a hill overlooking the Iruma River. From there, one could see the spring mist or kasumi in Japanese on the surface of the Iruma River. When this beautiful scenery was mentioned in a short poem, waka, it became a famous place in waka poetry as “Kasumigaseki.” Later, during the Meiji Era, it became the name of the village in the area. This is the origin of the name "Kasumigaseki” Country Club.