This is a record of birds living in Kasumigaseki, taken by Hideaki Inoue, a member of our club, for more than 10 years from 2007. Our club has more than 9,000 trees. Birds of each season come to the forest. There are also waterfowl who live in the pond on the course.

In order to protect the environment in which birds earn their livelihood and nurture new lives, we aim to maintain a natural environment in which humans and birds can coexist by complying with environmental regulations. (Kasumigaseki Country Club Public Relations Committee)


Northern Goshawks and other Raptores


Small birds on the golf course


Large birds on the golf course


Birds with distinctive
features of
voice and noise


Visitors in winter-1 (ducks)


Visitors in winter-2 (small birds)

There are about 2,000 photographs of the creatures that come to Kasumigaseki that I have taken so far. In an era where environmental maintenance is more important than ever, we have decided to publish photographs of birds in order to emphasize the importance of protecting the natural environment. We would like to thank the members and Kasumigaseki staff who accompanied us for the shooting.

In addition to the birds announced this time, there are various creatures (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc.) in the Kasumigaseki forest. I would like to continue to watch the lives of the creatures living on the golf course together with you. (Hideaki Inoue)