Birds with distinctive features of voice and noise


What is crying?

Bamboo partridge is an individual that was brought in as a hunting bird from China after 1919 (Taisho 8) and was distributed all over the country except Hokkaido. With a loud cry, Japanese people hear "Chotkoi" and English-speaking people hear "One Two Three".

Japanese Bush Warbler March 18 2013
Chinese Bamboo Partridge August 18 2008
Chinese Bamboo Partridge March 15 2010

Drumming Lord

Large woodpeckers are eaten by making holes in dead trees with a beak and digging out larvae such as longhorn beetles. During the breeding season, the trunk is continuously beaten to court and declare territory.

Great Spotted Woodpecker February 7 2011
Japnese Green Woodpecker February 18 2013
Japnese Green Woodpecker February 18 2013