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The Club Guide

The Club Guide

Guest Players

The Kasumigaseki Country Club has fostered a long tradition since its founding in 1929 and strives day-to-day to uphold this tradition. We ask guest players to understand and respect our history, follow the basics of golf etiquette, and observe the following rules.

Before Arriving

All guest players are asked to abide by the main KCC rules below.

  1. For acceptable attire at the time of arrival and during play, all players should follow the KCC Dress Code.
  2. A hat should be worn on the course for your safety. Headwear should be removed in the clubhouse.
  3. Voice calls on a mobile phone or smartphone should be made and received in the designated areas below.
     Clubhouse 1F: By the entrance, and in and around the phone booth
     Clubhouse 2F: By the diner cashier counter (around the “Phones permitted” sign)
    Your phone should be stored in the locker during play. It should not be carried on the course.
  4. Handicaps should be set at a maximum total of 100 for groups of four, and 110 for groups of three.
  5. Your golf bag should ideally weigh no more than 11 kilograms.
  6. Metal spikes are prohibited during play.
    All players should wear soft spikes or spikeless shoes.
  7. A caddie will accompany each group during a round, which as a rule should be played on foot. Golf carts are available, such as for players over the age of 80, but are limited in number and require a reservation. Separate guidelines are provided for the use of golf carts.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in areas of the clubhouse and practice facilities where there is no ashtray, and on the course except for the tee box area with ashtray.
  9. Payment should be settled by cash or credit card.
  10. Golf clubs and golf shoes are not available for rent.
  11. Couriered equipment will be accepted on players’ behalf.

During Play

  1. All players should maintain a good pace of play so as to keep up with the group in front and avoid keeping the group behind waiting. A half round should take no longer than 1 hour 50 minutes.
  2. Bunkers should be entered from the lowest side. Footprints and other marks should be raked smooth, and the rake replaced at the low side.
  3. The player is responsible for repairing pitch marks on the green. Care should be taken not to damage the turf on the green and the tee box.