Kasumigaseki Country Club

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Dear Guests,

Since its founding in 1929, as a traditional private golf club, we are committed to preserving tasteful standards of behavior and appearance for members and guests. We ask all our guests to familiarize themselves with our regulations that govern guest play.

What we ask for you to know in advance

When visiting as a guest, please observe the following club rules.

  1. Please check and conform to our traditional “Kasumigaseki Country Club Dress Code” for your attire when arriving and playing.
  2. As a precautionary measure, we ask members and guests to wear a hat on the course. We also request that you remove your hat inside the clubhouse.
  3. We have a designated area where mobile phones can be used. Please do not bring it with you onto the course for calls.
  4. The total handicap per group should be 100 or less for 4 people and 110 or less for 3 people.
  5. Golf bags should not exceed 11kg.
  6. Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Soft spikes or spike-less golf shoes are required.
  7. Generally, the round is played on foot with a caddy. Golf carts are available for those over 80 years old. Since we only have a limited number of golf carts for use, you will need to make your reservation in advance. Please follow the separately stipulated guidelines when using a golf cart.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse except for the designated smoking room on the first floor. (Smoking is permitted only in the smoking room on the first floor, or out on the restaurant terrace where there is an ashtray.) On the course, smoking is prohibited in areas where ashtrays are not placed. (Smoking is permitted near the teeing ground where an ashtray is placed.) At the practice area, smoking is prohibited in areas where there is no ashtray. (Please smoke only where there is an ashtray.) The above smoking rules also apply to heat-not-burn tobacco products.
  9. Payment must be made by cash or credit card.
  10. No rental clubs or shoes are available.
  11. We can assist you to a delivery service for your golf bag.

On the day that you play

  1. Please keep a play fast pace so as not to fall behind the group in front of you nor make the group behind you wait. The pace of play for a foursome should be within 1 hour and 50 minutes for half a round.
  2. Please enter and exit the bunker from the lowest point of the trap and rake your footprints. Be sure to place the rake back again at the lowest point of the bunker.
  3. Please repair ball marks on the green by yourself and take care not to damage the green and teeing ground.