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History of Kasumigaseki

1927 Dec Shohei Hocchi indicated his intension to build a golf course on his property at the unveiling ceremony of his statue.
1928 Jan Kinya Fujita visited the site to meet Hocchi for the first time and found the proposed land most suitable for building a golf course.
1929 Jan Kasumigaseki Country Club was established and survey of East Course was commenced in February. (Architect: five founding members including Kinya Fujita)
Oct East Course was completed and opening ceremony was held on 6 October.(310 charter members)
1930 Oct
''Fairway'' was issued as the first golf club magazine in Japan.
1931 Feb British architect C.H.Alison, who visited Kasumigaseki for the first time at the end of 1939, proposed renovation of East course and renovation work was started with his assistant George Penglace.
Mar Survey of Old West Course was commenced. (Architect: Kinya Fujita, Assistant: Seiichi Inoue)
1932 Jun Old West Course was completed and opening ceremony was held in June 1932.
Aug Greens of Old West Course (Bent grass) were damaged by heat wave and construction of a second green was started in August 1933.
1933 Oct 7th Japan Open Championship was held at East Course. (Winner: Kenkichi Nakamura)
1936 Feb Green of East Course (Korai grass) was damaged by heavy snow and construction of second green was started in August 1937.
1937 Oct Gene Sarazen visited Kasumigaseki.
1940 Jul
Publication of club magazine ''Fairway'' was suspended by order of Ministry of Interior.
Japan Golf Association notified golf clubs to refrain from playing golf.
1943 Apr Kasumigaseki was requested to support production of food by developing farmland in the golf course.
1944 Sep Part of Old West Course was requisitioned by the miliary.
Dec Part of East Course was sold to NKK Farm to raise additional working capital.
1945 Apr
Club operation was suspended and golf course was closed.
Sep One month after end of World War II, Kasumigaseki was requisitioned by the U.S.Air Force.

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